God Bless the Carbon Poker Baddies

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God Bless the Carbon Poker Baddies

Postby palmtreemagic » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:17 pm

Playing 10NL on carbon, 5 tables (depo'd 50 bucks last night, won about $13 last night messing about)

I 5x AK from the botton with a UTG limper, villain flats.
flop A33 he checks I bet he calls. Turn A33Q villain donks 1.15. My thinking is if he had a monster he would have check-raised the flop or called the flop planning to check raise the turn. MAYBE he turned two pair with a weaker A or a weak queen but his limp felt more like a AT, KJ, QJ, or small pockets type of hand. The donk bet just didn't really make much sense to me. I raised him and he jammed for a bit more. I call he shows AT off.
River T. woohoo. half a buy-in down the drain. funny thing is I show a negative EV differential for that hand in HM2.... can't quite figure that one out i was like a 9 to 1 fav when we put it all-in and way ahead on every single street he had no draw.

But I also show a minus EV on a hand where I had 77 and cold call from the button, flop 956 he bet i raise he calls then he jammed turn for about 1/4 the pot on a 9562 turn with 2 spades. I call he shows A2 of spades, river Q I pick up 60BBs.
My equity there was 60+% from preflop, so go figure. I should be like a 2 to 1 fav on that turn with his A, 6, and spade outs.

I don't really care all that much about the EV differential, it confuses me a bit. I show a positive differential on a KK vs AA all-in pre flop hand. Anyway... a couple of other fun hands...let's see...

I have TJ suited and cold call a CO 3x from the button. flop KQQ two of my suit villain bets half pot and I call.
Turn KQQT check check.
River KQQTT. pot right now is about 1.30, I'm playing about 190 BB behind and he has 91BB. He jams 9.15 on the river. I fold my boat. He shows AA. not sure why he would show that but anyway, just found that hand kind of amusing and it seemed to sum up the quality of players I'm finding. guys who if you glance at their basic stats look like TAGs playing a solid game but are clearly sinking ships.

Okay, couple of other hands that I thought were of note....
Ah right. I have KhJh on the button. CO pops. He is a 30/20 guy... for 3 orbits he had raised every CO, button often didn't fold to him. Anyway, maybe it's a bad play but I just didn't really believe he was super strong, figured I'd throw my first 3 bet out there and see what he did. He flat calls after the blinds fold.
Flop AK3 two diamonds. He bets 2/3 the pot on the flop, which by this point is a 2.3 or so bet into 3.5-ish.
I "know" he doesn't have AK. I think for a bit but just couldn't put him on a hand that had me crushed. KQ or AX... couldn't see him playing it like this although it was mostly my gut I don't have enough history to have a really zoned in read. I put him on JT of diamonds type of hand.
Turn AK36 villain checks to me. I bet half the pot which puts him all-in and he calls. Turns over 4d6d for the pair of sixes with the flush draw. River bricks and I pick up another 65-70BB there.
Did I play that badly? I didn't have a lot of information and KJ is not the nuts there by any means, but to me it felt more like suited connectors in diamonds, maybe as strong as the TJ or QJ giving him the gutterball possibility as well, more than an A or a KQ. that's about it.

I had a miss step on AQ suited on the button when I bet 3 bet a maniac's MP raise and got smooth called by the SB, Cbet the flop of all unders after the maniac somehow found a fold preflop. flop was twotone... perfect place for a bluff check raise and sure enough I got check raised. I tried to raise over the top and he jammed and I had to fold. Lost about 40 bb. That brought my win without showdown percentage down but my win with showdowns was 150BB or so, so in that super short session I picked up another 100 or so BB overall for my BR, which is creeping towards triple digits. Good start so far.

Overall my impressions of carbon right now are that there a lot of "players" there who think they know more than they do. A lot of aggression. Lot of turn and river all-ins. I'd be pretty surprised if very many of these guys making these plays are actually winning players. Everyone watches some high stakes poker and tries to be Tom Dwan, not realizing that you have adapt your play to the level that other people are on. Tom Dwan wouldn't be where he is without having a very high level of awareness with regards to what's going on in the minds and hearts of the players around him.

I flopped a set and turned a boat and got called down by AQ off suit for 80BB on a K high one broadway board. That about sums it up.
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Re: God Bless the Carbon Poker Baddies

Postby killer_be_99 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:18 am

5x seams to be a little high.. you don't want to fold out weaker hands ie. ax kx. But if they are calling 5x or bigger then you gotta keep doing it! Higher limits unless they are donks they won't be limping muich at all. He wouldn't check raise the flop with AQ. People play unconventional at the micros. Especially if they are fish. but you are going with your hand here no doubt. He thinks you are chopping with him ie q plays. And you played the hand as well as you could. Who cares about a 10 on the river.

You got your money in good. Think about the equity you had when the money went in. The rest is just variance.

On to the KJh hand.
Nothing wrong with 3betting a guy who opens a lot. Depends on how deep you guys are.
Flop. Tricky spot. i would definitely peel one here. He could be on a combo draw. i have no idea what diamonds are on the board. On the turn i when he checks i like you checking behind. What happens if he jams? or flats with a weak ace? No point in betting. I like a pot control line especially at the lower stakes when opponents done really think on a higher level.

When talking about any hand please state how much villain has before the hand in dollars and how much you have. This is key to the hand. In this case it is obvious he is on the flulsh draw or a weaker k than you if he has 1/2 a pot size bet left on turn. he would lead any turn with an ace. So yah a shov on the turn is ok. But if he had full pot plus behind on the turn i would check behind for pot control.

Sorry if i missed a few hands.. Overall keep up the good work. Try msging some of the regulars on our forum / who blog to get involve in more discussion. And i assume that most people on this level of play are pure donks. Might be like 2 regs on every table at this limit especially on Carbon.


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Re: God Bless the Carbon Poker Baddies

Postby palmtreemagic » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:07 am

thanks for the response. pot control is something i need to work on. i'll try to be more thorough when talking about hands as far as villain's stack etc. some of these hands i thought just kind of highlighted the weird play that i'm finding to be pretty standard to everything i've been playing so far which is 10NL-50NL.

i'm no wizard, and have played poker intuitively from the start never read any books or thought too deeply on the more involved math. i know i've got plenty of room for improvement and lots of leaks. but some of these guys are serious head scratchers.

anyway recently watching vids and reading more in depth talk about expected values and such i'm definitely tightening up my game quite a bit and i'm seeing direct results from it so i'm excited about that.

again, thanks for the feedback!
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