Protecting correctly or losing value (multiway pot)

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Protecting correctly or losing value (multiway pot)

Postby Rev2010 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:24 pm

I think I played this right but I am wondering if I am losing any value in this hand and am looking for advise. I am winning at micro stakes SNG's ($1.25, $2.50's) and switched from Bodog to Cake. (I doubled my BR on Bodog). Here is the hand. STT blinds 25/50

Player 1 SB ($1335)
Hero BB ($2407)
Player2 UTG ($743)
Player3 ($5120)
Player4 ($1230)
Player5 ($1886)
Player6 ($514)
Player7 ($355)
Button ($1335)

Action PF-UTG/#3/#4 fold, #5 limps 50, #7 short shove $355, SB calls $355. I call with AdKs asuming #5 comes too and he does. So to the flop 4 way with short AI and pot 1420. (I felt a call could get more value then a raise PF and I could get away if flop was bad.)

Flop - Kd7h5h

Post Flop- SB checks , hero's action?

My thoughts- big stack not in hand, #5 limp and called with odds so range (JTo+, 65s+,22-77, no big PP, no AK) maybe set mining 88-TT but no reraise as last to act PF. SB I give same range. Don't care about short allin.

Flop bet size...With 2 villians, I didn't want to give anything away and felt a pot size bet was enough to make the draws shove and the mid PP to fold. Also felt there may have been a Kx in one ofthose hands. That pot bet commits all 3 of us so accepting 55 and 77 beat.

Hero bets 1420, #5 tanks and folds and SB snap fold.

The reason for my post is "am I losing any value with that size flop bet?" "Could I have gotten a worse hand to come along with alittle less or with a shove bet (possible bluff)?" My image was normal TAG position aware (if they were paying attention).

Let meknow what you think.

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Re: Protecting correctly or losing value (multiway pot)

Postby hockeyguy » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:57 pm

at thoses stakes Kx isnt folding top pair, if they could fold top pr, they wouldnt call w/ Kx preflop
a smaller bet only prices in draws that will probably call anyway, if the turn bet is going to be small compared to pot the proper move is to shove flop

when i used to play alot of sng i focused on not leaking or spewing chips on weak hands and draws and
protecting pots that were mine ie flops i hit was was most likely best. Since you cant reload in sng a bird in the hand is better than a little bigger bird in the bush, meaning a little bigger stack is not nearly as important as avoiding a much smaller stack resulting from a avoidable beat. If they pay the max to suckout so be it because the times they pay the max and dont get lucky it puts you in a very strong position. Stack size is very important in tourneys, So this is a clear shove to protect hand/get value from callers and biuld stack so you can bully table later when blinds get bigger

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Re: Protecting correctly or losing value (multiway pot)

Postby Rev2010 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:08 pm

Thanks for the feedback HG,
I agree. I generally shoot myself in the foot when trying to get too tricky. (At this bottom stake level)
I did end up winning that table pretty easilly.
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